As the temporary office is in CBD, I’ve been taking public transport to work. It allows me to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – observing people.

The public transport scene has remained more or less the same over the years. The behaviour of people has not changed much either, regardless of whether they are locals or FTs. My observations are:

  • During peak periods, the buses and MRTs are still as crowded, like standing-on-the-steps crowded
  • The fare structure is complicated. You need a dedicated website to do the calculations for you.
  • On buses, the ABWK* syndrome is still very much alive
  • iPhones significantly dominate the smartphone market, at least for public transport commuters
  • Mahjong on smartphones seems to be a popular game
  • Do not wear expensive shoes, unless you don’t mind them being trampled on
  • Leave chivalry at home if you want to get to work on time
  • When the train door opens to reveal commuters standing near the door (indicating “No more space, don’t come in”), if you’re a guy, move towards a girl and try to occupy the space (or whatever’s left) in front of her. Likelihood is, she’ll want to protect herself and move in a little. If they are all guys… there’s always the next train.

* ABWK – Ao Beh Woo Kwee (Hokkien for ‘Ghost At the Back’)

Post Date: 24 Mar 2011


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Nuclear? You clear, my dear?


* Update 15 Mar 2011, Straits Times Forum*

Looks like Ms Cindy Low is another concerned citizen.


1st Nov 2010 – Singapore Energy Lecture

“… Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Monday that nuclear power is a viable, clean source of energy that produces low carbon emissions… ” Link here.


“… He said: “It’s very difficult to put it (a nuclear power plant) very far from population because nobody in Singapore is far from population. Yet we cannot afford to dismiss the option of nuclear energy altogether…” Link here.


14 March 2011 – Fukushima, Japan

“… Explosions hit the No. 3 reactor of Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s quake-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant at about 11 a.m. Monday…

“… In a related development, TEPCO informed the Fukushima prefectural government that the No. 2 reactor of the Fukushima No. 1 plant had lost its ability to cool its core…

Monday’s explosions came two days after a hydrogen blast occurred at the No. 1 reactor in the same plant…” Link here.


“… At noon local time (0400 GMT), Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), which operates the plant, gave this status report:

Reactor 1 – shut down, under inspection because of Saturday’s explosion, sea water and boric acid being pumped in

Reactor 2 – water level “lower than normal”, but stable

Reactor 3 – high pressure coolant injection was “interrupted”; but injection of sea water and boric acid were under way.

Later, officials said seawater and boric acid were also being pumped into reactor 2…” Link here.

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The Merlion Hotel

So, I read that as part of Singapore Biennale 2011, they have built a Merlion Hotel. Some joker conceptualised it, and some bright spark approved it.

For the uninitiated, they built a hotel room AROUND the Merlion.

Call me un-artsy, call me an art-nut, but why in the name of good taste did they do that for? The Merlion is our national icon, for crying out loud! Why would you want to sleep with the Merlion behind you?

I read somewhere that you’re not even supposed to touch it!

I’m just so not sold on this idea. Dear readers, if you think this is a great idea and that I’m an idiot, please leave me a comment. Try to convince me.

So what are they going to do for Singapore Biennale 2012? Well, in line with the theme of sleeping with Singapore icons, my guess is The Stamford Raffles Hotel. You even have the choice of either black or white!

Somebody please shoot me.

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What happens when…

… you think you can get away with things, but you REPEATEDLY don’t?

So the story goes that, ever since moving into MIL’s place, I just parked the car at the carpark, without much of a valid season parking ticket or even a coupon. Track record tells me that the hated men (sometimes women) in white (the parking wardens) hardly come by, I reasoned. But times have changed, and boy, was I very wrong. Come, they did, and diligent, they were.

To add to my pain, when I tried applying for the season parking, the officer at the HDB branch office gave me so much grief that there was a little shouting involved (mostly me).

All these came to a happy ending when a benefactor (thank you 爷爷!) pulled some strings, got the job done in such double-quick time that it was almost a non-event!

So now, $230 (fines) and $195 (season parking) later, I’m happy to announce I finally can officially park at the carpark downstairs! Which then brings us to the next problem to fix – bird shit…

Post Date: 12 Mar 2011

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Teething The Express Way

The uncontrollable urge to chew and bite is now back with a vengeance! My 2 lower front teeth which made their appearance in late Dec are now more prominent. On top of that, my 2 upper front teeth are now making their way out and so are my upper and lower side teeth, all at the same time! It is  no surprise that I keep wanting to gnaw at my toys, fingers or whatever I can get my hands on! However, so far I have not resorted to biting anyone yet. Well, at least not yet…


I also have developed quite a healthy appetite now. Mama has been diligently thinking of different combination of foods to feed me for lunch and dinner, from white rice porridge, brown rice and now even pasta! Had a taste of spaghetti and fusilli when we went out the other day with Auntie Joyce & family. In fact, it was quite tasty so I took to it quite well!! Looking forward to more tastes and textures, Mummy!

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We’ve only just begun

Dear Girl-girl,

As Papa writes this post, Papa would have started at his new job for about 2 weeks already.

When Papa was at his previous job, Papa thought that he’ll be able to stay there for a long time. (He had that same thought at his previous previous job). Unfortunately, some things were beyond his control, and after 5 years, it was time to move on.

Someone was kind enough to offer Papa a job. After some consideration, Papa took the job. But it is in a new industry, and Papa now has to start from scratch.

What that means is, Papa has staked the whole family’s future and well-being on this new industry. Papa promise to work hard and do all that he can to make it work, because failure is not an option for us.

Image credit here.

Post Date: 7 March 2011

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Election Budget 2011

Errr, sorry, it should be Singapore Budget 2011.

So what did the Finance Minister have in store for parents of young children? Paternity leave? Additional grants for IVF treatments? Higher quantum for Medisave claims?

No, none of the above. We got…

<<Drum Roll Please>> 


$400, which will be credited into little girl’s CDA. So what can $400 do? Well it can be used to pay for half a month of childcare fees.

Thanks for the generosity, Tharm!

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