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A matter of opinion

The Straits Times, 7 April 2011


My version of the headline?

“Swan lauded for “Australia first” wisdom


Post Date: 22 April 2011


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Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Saw this in Asiaone today. Can’t they think of a different title??

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Blog’s theme song (姑姑’s version)

Nothing short of a masterpiece : )

Seems like brilliance runs in the family *ahem*


We’ve only just begun to live,
Sore breasts and soiled diapers
A little hiccup, milk is on the way
And yes, IT’S just begun

Before we know, she grows, so fast
So many schools to choose
We start out volunteering to secure a place
And yes, IT’S just begun

Sharing horizons that are new to us
Watching the signs along the way
Talking it over just the three of us
Enrichment classes day to day
Together, together

And when the evening comes we smile
Homework is finally done
We think we can rest BUT still have spelling to learn
And yes, IT’S just begun

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Discharged already

Ok, I finally have some time, can do updates.

CL was discharged from hospital yesterday, after 3 nights of stay. There was a mad rush of things I had to do – pack the bags, fetch my MIL over to the hospital, what time to fetch my Mum over to my place, settle the hospital bills, co-ordinate with the CL, visit the Princess at NICU … while still attending to CL’s needs.

Somehow everything worked out.  Later in the afternoon, I had to accompany the CL and Mum to Bedok to buy herbs, vege, some fruits. The heat didn’t help, and I was wasted by the time we reached home around 5pm. But the work was not over yet. I had to orientate the CL on my kitchen.

Yes, me.

I had to figure out … *ahem* … I mean, SHOW the CL where everything was – the condiments, rice, wok, knives, etc.

Yes, me, Mr I-is-no-do-cooking.

All of a sudden, there is another person in the house (the CL, not princess), so it takes a bit of getting used to. We should be fine.

As for CL, she is coping well. Movements are still slow intentionally, she pooped already, and has been massaging herself to get the BM going. So far, still nothing yet, but her friends did say it may take up to 5 days. 

As for Baby, I’ll have to make a trip everyday to TMC to visit her. Not for long, I hope. The PD is keeping up the daily update by calling me on my mobile. Baby’s fine, she said. She is increasing her FM intake to 40ml, full strength. The jaundice is still observing.

Later we are going to collect Baby’s name choices. We have 2 weeks to register her birth.

Words of thanks and appreciation go out to our parents. They have been no less busy and have been shuttling around, running errands for us. THANK YOU! 

And by the way, my company just sent a quite-expensive-looking hamper! A bit surprised : )

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Merry Christmas!

To our friends and relatives:

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The Results are Out …


And no Down’s Syndrome!


But there’s one area … I think we’d rather not talk about it.

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