Great Expectations 2011

So GE2011 is upon us, and tomorrow is Nomination Day.

I just met an old man, probably late 60s, early 70s, working hard for his money, who told me by the middle of each month, he’ll 钱不够用.

“$735, before CPF deduction”, he sighed. “And if the customer runs off without paying, we will be made to pay,” he said while pointing in the direction of his fellow senior citizen colleagues.

He’s not working as a cleaner or for a local SME. He works for a company that, for years, have been a part of an oligopoly that has never been taken to task for arbitrarily setting price increases.

He is a pump attendant.

This depressing of wages and ever-increasing cost of living nonsense has to stop somewhere. We need a change.

And I think the change we have been craving for will start with this election.

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    Elysia said,

    It is disgraceful to see the wages of some and the large margins between the mega rich (the young ‘uns in some industries) and the ones that truly live hard on a daily basis with bare essentials like the man you spoke with. Very very sad… 😦

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