As the temporary office is in CBD, I’ve been taking public transport to work. It allows me to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – observing people.

The public transport scene has remained more or less the same over the years. The behaviour of people has not changed much either, regardless of whether they are locals or FTs. My observations are:

  • During peak periods, the buses and MRTs are still as crowded, like standing-on-the-steps crowded
  • The fare structure is complicated. You need a dedicated website to do the calculations for you.
  • On buses, the ABWK* syndrome is still very much alive
  • iPhones significantly dominate the smartphone market, at least for public transport commuters
  • Mahjong on smartphones seems to be a popular game
  • Do not wear expensive shoes, unless you don’t mind them being trampled on
  • Leave chivalry at home if you want to get to work on time
  • When the train door opens to reveal commuters standing near the door (indicating “No more space, don’t come in”), if you’re a guy, move towards a girl and try to occupy the space (or whatever’s left) in front of her. Likelihood is, she’ll want to protect herself and move in a little. If they are all guys… there’s always the next train.

* ABWK – Ao Beh Woo Kwee (Hokkien for ‘Ghost At the Back’)

Post Date: 24 Mar 2011


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    Elysia said,

    Eh, I like to sit behind on buses – noisy, but usually quieter. Oxymoron right…but quieter as in – more personal space….. observing people also can be construed as – ahem – voyuerism………

    But you forgot the most important observation of all – the various body smells……..wah piang…….knocks you out – it is universally known – that wherever you are – be it Singapore, Australia, US, UK etc…. there are ALWAYS commuters who don’t smell their best! 😦 Sad but true…….but in Spore, the army boys who return………wah liao…….that beats the cake man especially when they stand at the jointure of 2 carriages…..hits you like a train! Literally….. LOL

    Or maybe that’s different now that the boys are on a less regimented army ‘boot camp’ experience with catered restaurant quality food, and no excess exposure to the sun or physical workouts for that matter?? Hmm…

    • 2

      nbabymakes3 said,

      Over here it’s a bit different. The back rows are normally occupied by the Ah Bengs, so it is hardly quiet.

      Luckily for me, as it is the morning rush hour, most commuters are fully-loaded on their perfumes, colognes and EDTs. Have yet to be KO-ed by BO.

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