The Merlion Hotel

So, I read that as part of Singapore Biennale 2011, they have built a Merlion Hotel. Some joker conceptualised it, and some bright spark approved it.

For the uninitiated, they built a hotel room AROUND the Merlion.

Call me un-artsy, call me an art-nut, but why in the name of good taste did they do that for? The Merlion is our national icon, for crying out loud! Why would you want to sleep with the Merlion behind you?

I read somewhere that you’re not even supposed to touch it!

I’m just so not sold on this idea. Dear readers, if you think this is a great idea and that I’m an idiot, please leave me a comment. Try to convince me.

So what are they going to do for Singapore Biennale 2012? Well, in line with the theme of sleeping with Singapore icons, my guess is The Stamford Raffles Hotel. You even have the choice of either black or white!

Somebody please shoot me.


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  1. 1

    Elysia said,

    Wah been a while since I visited your blog – hoping for more photos, but of course none I could see! LOL …. so I thought this entry was bogus – but turned out is true…. what the????!!

    So now tear down already ah? What were they thinking? Weird…….

    • 2

      nbabymakes3 said,

      Hello! Long time no hear! How have you been??

      It’s 11.20pm here in SG and I reached home a while ago and have just finished my dinner! Bo eng! That’s why had to painfully cast this blog aside…

      This blogpost is true! And I still shake my head in disbelief.

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