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Teething The Express Way

The uncontrollable urge to chew and bite is now back with a vengeance! My 2 lower front teeth which made their appearance in late Dec are now more prominent. On top of that, my 2 upper front teeth are now making their way out and so are my upper and lower side teeth, all at the same time! It is  no surprise that I keep wanting to gnaw at my toys, fingers or whatever I can get my hands on! However, so far I have not resorted to biting anyone yet. Well, at least not yet…


I also have developed quite a healthy appetite now. Mama has been diligently thinking of different combination of foods to feed me for lunch and dinner, from white rice porridge, brown rice and now even pasta! Had a taste of spaghetti and fusilli when we went out the other day with Auntie Joyce & family. In fact, it was quite tasty so I took to it quite well!! Looking forward to more tastes and textures, Mummy!


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We’ve only just begun

Dear Girl-girl,

As Papa writes this post, Papa would have started at his new job for about 2 weeks already.

When Papa was at his previous job, Papa thought that he’ll be able to stay there for a long time. (He had that same thought at his previous previous job). Unfortunately, some things were beyond his control, and after 5 years, it was time to move on.

Someone was kind enough to offer Papa a job. After some consideration, Papa took the job. But it is in a new industry, and Papa now has to start from scratch.

What that means is, Papa has staked the whole family’s future and well-being on this new industry. Papa promise to work hard and do all that he can to make it work, because failure is not an option for us.

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Post Date: 7 March 2011

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Election Budget 2011

Errr, sorry, it should be Singapore Budget 2011.

So what did the Finance Minister have in store for parents of young children? Paternity leave? Additional grants for IVF treatments? Higher quantum for Medisave claims?

No, none of the above. We got…

<<Drum Roll Please>> 


$400, which will be credited into little girl’s CDA. So what can $400 do? Well it can be used to pay for half a month of childcare fees.

Thanks for the generosity, Tharm!

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Of Tiger Girl and Mums

Posting the links for record.


Recently there were a few pieces of news that must have caught the eyes of many-a-parent.

There was this WSJ article by Professor Amy Chua of Yale Law School. Her 2 girls were not allowed to:

  • be in a school play
  • watch TV or play computer games
  • choose their own ECA
  • get any grades other than an A

Well, there might be a method to this madness. Worth taking a look when little girl is older : )

And then there’s this ST article that informed us there are F&B establishments in Singapore that have a no children policy. Apart from PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill, there are also:

  • Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine – 36 Purvis Street, #01-03. This restaurant states in its website that it observes a “no children under the age of 7 policy at the restaurant.”
  • Kuriya Penthouse, 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central 12-02.This Japanese restaurant do not accept child diners under 6 years old, except on Sundays and public holidays.
  • SANTI Restaurant, 10 Bayfront Avenue #L2-03, Casino Level 2, Marina Bay Sands. The Spanish restaurant requests that guests do not bring children below 10 years old to the restaurant on its website.
  • Eight Cafe & Bar, 8 Bukit Pasoh Road. The restaurant will be introducing the no-child policy at the end of this month. Its owner Bill Ho, 34, tells customers that the restaurant is not suitable for young children as it does not have chairs to seat babies.
  • University Club, at the National University of Singapore

I don’t know what the fuss is all about. If they have their no children policy, we can also vote with our feet – don’t patronise them!


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ST Forum: Having kids is a joy in itself

ST Forum letter, published on 7 Feb 2011. I read Oo Gin Lee’s excellent article in the papers. Unfortunately I can’t find it online.


Feb 7, 2011

Having kids is a joy in itself

MY HUSBAND and I are proud parents of three children and we share the same parenting joy as Mr Oo Gin Lee and his wife (‘New year, new baby, new joy’; Saturday).

We had initially planned to stop at two after our daughter and son were born in 2006 and 2007. After all, we were already the envy of many with a girl and a boy. But watching the two of them grow into such adorable toddlers, we found ourselves yearning for one more child.

Our younger son was born in 2009 and we have had even more joy in the family ever since.

For us, having children was not about having someone to support and take care of us in old age. While enjoying five good years of married life, we had slowly discovered that there was this indescribable emptiness in our lives that could be filled only by children.

Now the house is filled with their laughter, ear-piercing cries, hugs, fights, kisses, sulking and a love that supersedes everything.

When our children came along, we as a couple embarked on the journey of parenting together. From shopping for baby essentials to educating the children to problem solving, we engaged in a lot more conversations and learnt to make decisions together for the family. Having children deepened our love for each other and strengthened our marriage.

Of course, moving from a carefree couple’s life to family life requires some lifestyle adjustments, but with good planning and some sacrifices, these can be worked out.

I just want to echo the sentiments in Mr Oo’s commentary: ‘Don’t do it for your country. Do it for yourself. And once you start, you will find that one is really not quite enough.’

Having babies should never be a decision made for the nation; it should be our choice.

Forget all the monetary benefits and pressures. The greatest motivation for having children, is having children itself.

Desiree Tan (Ms)

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First fever

This Chinese New Year is memorable, not just because it’s little girl’s first one with us. It is also the first time that she came down with fever.

Even those times when we sent her for her jabs, she was alright.

We first noticed she was warmer than usual on CNY eve. Her fever continued for a few days. Thankfully she was her usual bubbly self and didn’t appear drowsy or grumpy. We didn’t take chances – regular temperature-taking (especially at night), barley water, more fruits and fluid, and some dosage of paracetamol.

By the time we sent her to the PD on Monday, the first work day after the long break, she had fully recovered. Doc said it was a viral infection, so someone had passed the virus to her. We have a few suspects in mind… ahem!

So, please excuse us – Mama and Papa need to collapse now…

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Well it’s been one (lunar) year since our last CNY post. Indeed, angpaos have been coming our way, meant for little princess. As her guardians, we have every right to use the money as we deem fit… right? RIGHT? Hehehe…

Here’s wishing our readers a Prosperous Year of the Rabbit filled with Good Health, Good Friends and Great Wealth!

And what is CNY without my favourite modern CNY song?

Post Date: 8 Feb 11

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