It took all of 54 minutes…

… to re-format the laptop. The laptop that I’ve been using for 5 years.

The season of life changing events continue. So, today, I lost my job, technically. I left on mutual consent.

What started out as a plea for a helping hand (thanks again, Uncle H!) has ended on a somewhat happy note.

From no results, to great results, from stability to upheaval to stability again, from available mentor to fending for myself, from “refer to boss” to “the buck stops with me”, and much more…

The learning experience was wide-ranging, and the lessons, invaluable. 

Hard not to feel a sense of loss. Is it the timeframe of 5 years (not a short time), or too short a time to savour the results?

The pessimist in me should learn to focus on the gain instead of the loss. With that thought, we will start all over again next month.

Image credit here.


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