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Papa should be a-sleeping

4 to 5 hours each day is not resting

He should cut down on his worrying

Either that or improve his planning

For his senses are dumbing

And losing his touch at poeming

I will also try not to be night-waking

So long as Mama gives me prompt feeding

This is all that I am saying, so

Papa should be a-sleeping

(I suspect Mama too is a-nodding)


by Baby


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All I want for Christmas…

For the past few weeks, I have been having this uncontrollable urge to chew, lick & salivate on whatever I can get my hands on.

After numerous changes of clothes wet with saliva and countless washing of all my toys, they finally appeared! Can you see them?

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Note: this is a religious post.


Last Sunday and early Monday morning was spent at the temple to observe 八关斋戒. This is the 2nd year I participated.

In brief, 八关斋戒 was initiated by Lord Buddha for lay followers to have a chance to experience one day and one night of a monk/nun’s life. The day will be filled with chantings and the strict observation of the Eight Precepts. This is so that we can purify and cleanse our body, speech and thought (身口意), in order to escape the cycles of Samsara (生死轮回).

There is a very good explanation in Chinese of  八关斋戒 here.

Taking 2 meals a day this time around was much easier to handle than last year. And I had no problems with 禁语 (no talking), cos we are not there to socialise and make friends! 

 Once again, I needed CL’s blessings. But I bore a heavy heart throughout because CL was unwell and yet had to look after the little girl herself. My constant thinking of them diluted the intent and positive effects. But it once again demonstrated the Buddhist concept of attachment.

Chanting count: 11,060

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Standard Chartered 10K Run – UPDATED

I was woken up by the alarm clock at 4.30am, still feeling groggy. Since yesterday, I was moping around the house, in the name of “I need to rest before race day” and “I need to constantly hydrate”.  The real reason was I wasn’t really prepared for the run. I’ve never trained in the day, and the furthest I’ve ran around the estate was 5km. So 10km will be a stretch. I was worried. I told CL to keep her phone near her, cos her number is the emergency number I wrote at the back of my number bib.

I jokingly told R: “I’m going to run 4 and walk 6”.

I was really hit by the big event jitters, and images of my struggling with the 2.4km run during those IPPT tests  really got to me. (Worse were the images of being stretchered away at StanChart’s 2km mark). But when I started to see the other runners, the anxiety slowly fizzled out. Somehow, everyone’s enthusiasm was quite uplifting.

I also saw many people coming in as a couple and in groups. I made a mental note to ask CL to join me next year, if I was still participating. I warmed up and slowly walked towards the pen.

After this shot was taken, I had to visit the loo, again. (2 litres of water yesterday and another 500ml this morning). It took me 3 minutes just to get to the toilets, and 15 minutes before it was my turn. I got back into the pen just before the official flag-off at 7.45am, but there were already so many people that I ended up in the 3rd flag-off 30 minutes later. (21,000 signed up for the 10k run).

And then we were off!

The pace was ok, given the sheer number of runners. I noticed some of them already started walking around the 1km mark. It would be a looooong walk for them.

Along the way, I used runners in front of me as pacers. There was Pink Shorts (girl), then Red Shorts (girl), and the guy in a Shell shirt. They were slow and steady, and kept running. I was just… slow, and lost them along the way. 

The first 4.5km was quite ok, but after that was an uphill task. Literally. Throughout the run, there were 3 upslopes, and I ran only the first one. The sun was scorching, and my lack of day-time training showed. Just after the 5km mark, there was a drinks station, and I stopped for the first time.

After a few hundred meters, I started to run, only to be faced with the greatest upslope – ECP. There was no way I was running up the near 1km slope! So I walked again, until the ECP turned downslope. All went well until the F1 pit building, where the glaring tarmac and the hot sun made me stop. I reckon in total, I walked about 2.5km. Throughout the run, my heartrate was consistently higher than my age-based maximum heart rate, but thankfully I felt ok. The last 2km was quite easy, not to mention motivational, cos I ran past Pink Shorts and Red Shorts! When I crossed the finishing line, I may have gone past Shell guy as well.

Taken from the RWS tent


I came in at around 1 hr 25 min. The official timing will be posted on the website in 2 days’ time. The feeling of finishing is relief, more so than achievement. My body wasn’t in as bad a shape as I had anticipated.

At OSIM tent

If I want to run again next year,

– need to get a better pair of jogging shoes. The army’s Brooks is only good for 2.4km. My feet arches still hurt

– need to get a pair of shades. My eyes were hot and painful

– need to get an arm band for the mobile phone/MP3 player

– need to get a new headset

Update 8 Dec 2010

Ok, the results are out. I did 1hr 24min.

If I’m running again next year, maybe should target sub 1 hr?

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Making it all worthwhile

This morning as I was having breakfast, my daughter who was sitting on the other side of the table facing me, looked at me with the most innocent yet intense eyes. She held her gaze for a good 10 seconds I think. It was as if she finally was having a good look at her Papa.

In all her seriousness, while looking into her eyes, I understood why CL and I are working so hard, and for whom we are working so hard for. I thought I also saw her future, when she is 21 years old.

I am continually fascinated and intrigued by this little miracle bundle sitting in front of me.

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116024 – 4 years in the making

From way back in 2007, I had already contemplated doing the 10km run in the Standard Chartered Marathon. But with the (excuse of) lack of training, I gave it a miss. 2008 was a similar story. In 2009, I decided to bite the bullet and register, only to realise registration had already closed.

Which brings us to 2010. I was quite determined to participate this time. I had CL’s blessings, and no newborn was going to thwart my plans *ahem*. I registered early, set the StanChart Marathon website as my homepage, and read any news that were posted there.

On 19 November, I collected my kit.

At the booths outside, I also made a few purchases.

Item 1: Skins half tights (never saw any action, eventually)

Item 2: Polar Heartrate monitor with Footpod

Item 3: Halo water-tight sports cap

Item 4: Hilly anti-blister socks

Item 5: Spibelt  band pouch

Item 6: NUUN sports drink tabs (had to buy this to get a free sports bottle)

Item 7: Adidas shorts (bought subsequently from RSH)

There was a big Asics booth there, but I decided to give it a miss. I shall depend on the army’s Brooks running shoes. I was also initially thinking of getting a pair of jogging shades, but was put off by the prices.

And now, onto the big day…

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