Weaning & Teething

It’s almost 2 months since we started Princess on semi-solids. She isn’t taking it as well as I thought she would. Is she not ready or am I just too enthusiastic & impatient?

I was actually looking forward to this stage, my mind filled with ideas of what food to prepare for her. She was a bit apprehensive about trying something new but after trying out various cereals, fruit and vegetable puree, she took to them quite well. So we happily progressed to increase her food intake and then out of the blue, she started to protest during mealtimes. She starts well for the first few spoonfuls after which each spoonfuls gets progressively more challenging. It takes much coaxing to get her to open her mouth each time which otherwise would be tightly pursed together no matter what you say or do. Looking at her, I don’t know whether to laugh or to get angry.

Advice from friend is to be patient and persistent, she will eventually learn to eat such food. To save myself the unnecessary frustration, I will hold back my horses and learn to go at her pace. Think that is the best for everyone.

The fact that she is teething doesn’t seem to help as well. Gone are the days with her sleeping through the night, she will sometimes wake up in the wee hours, feeling irritable & frustrated. Other times, she doesn’t want to go back to sleep and looks up at you with wide open eyes!! Really hope that this phase will pass quickly so that I can have my beauty sleep back. Fingers crossed!!


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