Half Year Mark

Hurray!!! I have past my 6 months mark!

Accordingly to Mama and Papa, I am doing quite well. I am now 7.5kg and have grown slightly taller too. Not only can I flip over onto my tummy now but I can roll onto my back and flip over onto my tummy again! I can also lift my head and chest up using the support of my outstretched arms and slowly make a 360 degrees turn! After I was discovered doing these, Mama & Papa and 婆婆 never left me unattended on the single bed in my room anymore. I tend to spend more time in my cot nowadays. The LG playmat has become a wonderful playground and exercise arena for me too.

My diet has been changed too. The regular milk that I have been taking for the past 6 months has been changed to another type which has more nutrients to cater to my growing needs. Mama has also started me on brown rice cereal and cooked apples. I am still getting the hang of these foods as they are not the same as drinking from the bottle. Mama says she will let me try out other food soon. Yippee, I can’t wait!

Mama has put a few of my photos together for your viewing pleasure.


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  1. 1

    Papa said,

    So cute lah, our girl : )

  2. 2

    姑姑 said,

    I totally agree ! My little niece is soooooooo cute !!!!

    I want to squeeze her BUT I am afraid she will not let me carry her next time. It is sooooo difficult to get into her good books !!!!!

  3. 4

    叔叔 said,

    Lil Chin looks so earnest in the 1st pic. So cute!

  4. 6

    姑姑 said,

    I am proud to report that I have persevered and I was rewarded with Chin’s half-smile. Never mind, half a smile is better than nothing ! I shall press on till I get a chuckle from her !

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