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This piece of news caught us by surprise. All along we thought the Chengs really treated TMC as their baby, and there shouldn’t be a price tag on it.

Guess I was wrong.

To think that not so long ago I was still joking with the Deputy Executive Chairman (our gynae) about how well the Group was doing. He seemed proud of their achievements.

I have nothing but only good things to say about TMC – the people, the ambience, the culture. The entire experience was just… so right. I actually liked going there, as in, I like to go to a hospital.

I just hope Peter Lim will leave things as they are. Please don’t do anything that will change the ethos.

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Half Year Mark

Hurray!!! I have past my 6 months mark!

Accordingly to Mama and Papa, I am doing quite well. I am now 7.5kg and have grown slightly taller too. Not only can I flip over onto my tummy now but I can roll onto my back and flip over onto my tummy again! I can also lift my head and chest up using the support of my outstretched arms and slowly make a 360 degrees turn! After I was discovered doing these, Mama & Papa and 婆婆 never left me unattended on the single bed in my room anymore. I tend to spend more time in my cot nowadays. The LG playmat has become a wonderful playground and exercise arena for me too.

My diet has been changed too. The regular milk that I have been taking for the past 6 months has been changed to another type which has more nutrients to cater to my growing needs. Mama has also started me on brown rice cereal and cooked apples. I am still getting the hang of these foods as they are not the same as drinking from the bottle. Mama says she will let me try out other food soon. Yippee, I can’t wait!

Mama has put a few of my photos together for your viewing pleasure.

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West Australian – Fish oil of no benefit during pregnancy

It’s promoted as beneficial to mum and baby, but a major Australian study has found no noticeable effect among women who took fish oil capsules during pregnancy.

The research, conducted over five years, looked at 2400 pregnant women who were given fish oil capsules or an identical vegetable oil placebo during the latter phase of their pregnancy.

The outcome was the same for both groups despite the benefits of fish oil being widely promoted on the internet and by some medical professionals and pregnancy health guidelines.

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Diaper Sniper

I don’t think I’m a heavy diaper user, but Papa and Mama approached last week with some nervousness.

” We are down to our last half-pack!” Mama exclaimed. “Can you please flip the papers for offers?”

Papa diligently covered every square inch of the newspaper, and was rewarded for his hardwork.

“The offer’s baaaaack… yeah!”

That very same weekend, we made the trip to the hypermart. There was a mixture of relief and happiness when Papa was met with this scene:

They then spent the next 5 minutes choosing the boxes with the least dents and creases – how typical! At that very moment, nobody noticed that I had hit another developmental milestone – I knew how to cover my face with my palms : )

I overheard Papa telling Mama that they don’t intend to make the same mistake like last time, when they didn’t stock up enough of the diapers. So this time around,


Time to… RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Hehehe…

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Wow, guess I’ve been living under a rock (either that or very sleep-deprived). Have been checking out the motherhood forums and totally missed this great local webite for Dads.

I’m just thankful that such support groups are in abundance today with interesting articles. And thanks to the Internet!

I’ve added it to the blogroll.

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The Day the Earth stood still

Hehehe, it is actually the day I was left alone with the Princess.

On a particular Saturday last month, Mama had to visit the hairdresser’s.  Instead of going to 奶奶’s, I thought I’ll look after the little girl. Myself.

You see, Mama and on weekdays, 婆婆 have been her primary caregivers. Occasionally 奶奶 gets roped in to. Once in a while, I help to feed her and change her diapers (all of 2 times, ahem), but never alone with the little girl.

So on that day, we dropped Mama off at the hairdresser’s. It was drizzling, and it became quite a challenge to carry the little girl in her carrier, carry the diaper bag AND carry the umbrella to shield her.  After fumbling a bit with the seat belt, we finally were able to drive off. She was well-behaved sitting at the back, didn’t make noise.

After the short drive back, I was able to coax her to sleep a little. She then woke up for water, which Papa fed with ease. After that was back into the cot. She did stir now and then, but I chose to sleep in her room, so she enjoyed instant “customer service”.  A few hours later, it was milk time. That was ok too. By the time we were almost done, Mama was back already.

During that 5 or so hours, I thought I’ll be tested on my diaper-changing skills, but it was not to be. HENG AH! 

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Child seats

Only recently did we put Little Princess in a child car seat. All this while, Mama carries her while sitting at the back.

In Western Australia, a new child restraint law came into effect last Friday. The West Australian newspaper ran a very clear and concise article on the new requirements. In essence,

Parents know exactly what is expected. They have 2 websites on this matter:

1. Office of Road Safety –

2. Roadwise –

In Singapore, I wasn’t successful in finding info with this level of detail. What I got from the AA’s website is:

Child Restraint Law

It is compulsory for all children under 8 to be secured in an approved child restraint whether seated in the front or back of a vehicle. Drivers will be fined $120 & receive 3 demerit points if children in their cars are not secured in the child seats.

Child Restraint Guidelines and Tips

Ahem, but if you’re a newbie parent, which one is clearer?

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