Bronchitis or bronchiolitis – Part IV

Friday came and your condition only improved a little. We brought you to the PD. The entrepreneur in her kicked into full gear – you were sent to the lab for blood test and X-ray. The X-ray came back quite quickly. The PD pointed out the blurry grey areas in your lungs and said those were phlegm. “She has bronchiolitis”, she announced. She also wanted to have a culture of your phlegm done. The Missy outside was nice and apologised first, before she clinically poked this fine tube into your nostrils one at a time, and turned on the machine. The sucking sound was audible, but was mostly drowned out by your crying pleas to stop. It was heart-wrenching.

We were then introduced to a machine that I wish I had seen the last of – a nebuliser. We had to administer it at 6-hour intervals. (At best, we did 8-hour intervals). The noise was loud, but thankfully you took to it well. We searched the Net for “best practices”. One of the ideas we picked up was to have a book that only appears during nebbing time.  The idea was not to make nebbing time medicine time. It was meant to be an activity in itself.  To our great comfort, the first time we used the nebuliser, your sleep quality improved significantly.

I forgot to mention earlier that the bill for that day’s visit to the PD was almost $500. 

(To be continued…)


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