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LG Prime mat

3 weeks ago, we took delivery of an LG Prime Yellow Bear mat. (Yes, who would have thought LG also made mats??)

Papa really like it a lot, and have been fighting for space with the little girl – hehehe.

We wanted something bright, thick, cheerful, and big enough for her to roll about and crawl on. This mat fits the bill!

It looks like this:

And the new owner makes her feelings known:


Images’ credit here.


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Rolling Over

I can roll over onto my tummy now! I started in late July with some assistance from Mama and Papa. With much practice, I finally managed to flip over on my own in early August. However, I fell sick soon after and that put a halt to my rolling good times.

After my recovery, I doubled up on my practice and now, am happy to say that I have mastered it ! (though I can only roll over to my left side) I am having so much fun that I can’t seem to stop myself even in my sleep!  I would get myself stuck on my tummy and worse is if I get my legs caught in the cot railings, which would make me doubly frustrated! Mama or Papa would then have to be rudely awakened to “rescue” me.

Next on the agenda is to learn to roll back onto my back! Wait for my update then!

Here’s some pics of me having fun on my tummy!! 


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Bronchitis or bronchiolitis – Last Part

Tuesday came and we had to go back for a follow-up. The culture and blood test reports came back and confirmed you had a viral infection. Following this, the PD prescribed antibiotics. It was by far the yuckiest of all your medicine. “Twice a day”, she instructed. We wanted to tell her you were already much, much better than the time the tests were done, but being kiasu parents, we decided to follow the doctor’s instruction. (Mama also had a conversation with a friend that reminded her that medicine still needed to be taken for 2 more days even if you appeared to have fully recovered).

By then, you were almost back to your usual self. Your appetite was coming back and you having longer sleep at night. While your condition improved, your Papa and Mama’s health deteriorated. Both of us came dangerously close to falling sick – Papa had sore throat and slight cough while Mama had running nose. We donned masks while carrying you. You must have found it strange to, because it became harder to solicit a smile or a laugh from you. We piled on Vit C and herbal drinks and thankfully got better. But guess what? 婆婆 is sick and has been so for 2 weeks.

Almost 2 weeks after you got ill, we brought you to the PD one more time. It was the last time, at least for this episode.

When she asked how you were, we mentioned you seemed to have recovered already. She put the stethoscope to your chest, and then your back. She turned to us, smiled, and said:

” Good, she’s very good!”

I don’t know about Mama, but I heaved a silent sigh of relief. Maybe it was also due to the fact that the charges for that day was the lowest among all the visits. 

I am happy to announce you are fully recovered now, from your bronchi-whichever. But Papa and Mama are so burnt out that it will take a looooong looooong time (if ever!) to recover. Credit to Mama, during the trying period, there were nights that I didn’t hear you cry, and she will neb you and feed you medicine all by herself. 

Throughout this episode, you displayed outstanding bravery and courage. “Brave girl!” we will encourage you, when you were struggling. Even when you were bushed, you still managed a weak smile, that did wonders for us.

Papa and Mama are so proud of you!

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Bronchitis or bronchiolitis – Part IV

Friday came and your condition only improved a little. We brought you to the PD. The entrepreneur in her kicked into full gear – you were sent to the lab for blood test and X-ray. The X-ray came back quite quickly. The PD pointed out the blurry grey areas in your lungs and said those were phlegm. “She has bronchiolitis”, she announced. She also wanted to have a culture of your phlegm done. The Missy outside was nice and apologised first, before she clinically poked this fine tube into your nostrils one at a time, and turned on the machine. The sucking sound was audible, but was mostly drowned out by your crying pleas to stop. It was heart-wrenching.

We were then introduced to a machine that I wish I had seen the last of – a nebuliser. We had to administer it at 6-hour intervals. (At best, we did 8-hour intervals). The noise was loud, but thankfully you took to it well. We searched the Net for “best practices”. One of the ideas we picked up was to have a book that only appears during nebbing time.  The idea was not to make nebbing time medicine time. It was meant to be an activity in itself.  To our great comfort, the first time we used the nebuliser, your sleep quality improved significantly.

I forgot to mention earlier that the bill for that day’s visit to the PD was almost $500. 

(To be continued…)

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Bronchitis or bronchiolitis – Part III

Our worst experience was that Sunday night. You were visibly tired and was trying so hard to sleep. But the phlegm was really irritating you and you would wail. In the middle of the night. The more you cried, the more you coughed and the more you puked. You were so tired that after each bout, you would fall asleep instantly while I was carrying you. And the cycle would repeat itself – sleep, wake, cry, cough, puke, sleep. It pained us to see you suffer so much, but the only way for you to feel better was to get rid of the phlegm as much as possible.  The whole thing ended around 5am, when you were able to sleep peacefully.

While at work, I will get updates from Mama on your condition. “Still puking, can’t sleep”, she would email. At night, we would brace ourselves. Out of the 5 nights, for 4 nights Papa and Mama slept probably about 3 hours, in bits and pieces.  The other night that we didn’t sleep for 3 hours, we slept for 4 hours, because we overslept.

Friday came and your condition only improved a little. We brought you to the PD. The entrepreneur in her kicked into full gear.

(To be continued…)

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Bronchitis or bronchiolitis – Part II

Your condition started deteriorating when we got home. We tried to get you to sleep, but within minutes, you started crying, wailing, then screaming. The phlegm was choking up your respiratory system. You had difficulty breathing because your nostrils were utterly blocked. The more you cried, the more uncomfortable you became.  Your small innocent eyes were bulging out while crying, looking at Papa and Mama, half wondering what was happening and half begging us to stop the pain. To be honest, Papa and Mama were just as shocked as you, and we weren’t sure what to do next. I told Mama, who was carrying you, to let you cry. That was the only way to purge the phlegm. And purge the phlegm you sure did. You puked 4 times, if I remembered correctly. But you still weren’t breathing properly as your nostrils were still blocked. Papa had to do what all Papas have to you.

I used my mouth to suck your nostrils. Let’s just say the taste was… n’t nice. But you felt much better after that, and even had a short nap. (Over the next few nights, Mama also had  a few chances to taste your phlegm).

We also had to feed you the yucky medicine the PD prescribed. That was the first time Papa and Mama handled a syringe without needles. Papa was so inept and you so wriggly that the first time we tried feeding you, I squirted half of it on your cheeks. The other half that went into your mouth, it triggered another round of puking. (姑姑 subsequently taught Papa to squirt at the side of your mouth, not down the middle of your tongue).

Our worst experience was that Sunday night.

(To be continued…)

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Bronchitis or bronchiolitis – Part I

Dear Baby,

You really make Mama and Papa earn our stripes. You got really sick and got us really worried.

You also introduced us to the world of cheem cheem medical terms : )

3 weeks ago on a Saturday, we brought you to your regular Chinese cum tuina physician cos you were having a slight running nose and poor appetite. The nice lady said it was only a minor ailment, and nothing that a good session of tuina cannot fix.

However, things took a nasty turn that night. You must have picked up some virus there, cos you started having blocked nose and cough, were wheezing, and kept waking up at night. Mama and Papa decided to bring you to see a doctor. It was a Sunday and as most clinics were closed, we brought you to your PD at Thomson. There, we witnessed first hand the severity of your discomfort. While waiting, before Mama could finish feeding you your milk, you puked almost all the milk out. Not only that, there was also sticky stuff, which we concluded must have been the phlegm that kept you up all night.

The PD saw you and said she could hear that your chest was quite congested. Her prognosis was bronchitis. She prescribed some medicine, and instructed that if you didn’t recover in 5 days’ time, you were to see her again.

Your condition started deteriorating when we got home.

(To be continued…)

Image credit here.

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