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Bon Voyage!

We spent some wonderful time this week hosting a few meals for our good friends from Perth.

We are really lucky to have made their acquaintance and subsequent solid friendship. When I quit my job and left for Perth (to be a poor, struggling student) with CL, they took it upon themselves to help us setup our rental flat, took us sightseeing, invited us to their family gatherings, and even found CL a temporary job! They really, really tried to help us settle in.  We will always be grateful for their companionship and help.

When my course ended and we left Perth, I wondered if we could maintain this long-distance friendship. Luckily for us, they come to Singapore very often, making almost annual pilgrimages our way. Meals with them are always entertaining – exchanging updates, sharing jokes and discussing current affairs.

When they came over the other night to visit little Chin Ying, and when they carried her, I saw before my eyes the same affection and love again. Except this time, our dear daughter is the beneficiary.

With a heavy heart, we bade them farewell last night. Their flight back home is tonight. So,

Have a safe flight back, Kim and Shirley! Bon Voyage!

Next year when you’re back, little Chin Ying may be able to greet you already!

P.S.: Can I put up the photo both of you took with her? Do let me know by leaving me a comment : )


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In 1989, I had the great fortune of meeting a sweet, bubbly girl who was in my OG at school. We hung out with the same group of friends, and luckily for me, we got along well. We enjoyed each other’s company, and had many long phone conversations.

Eight months later, in one big turnaround way (so paiseh!), I asked her to be my girlfriend. To my great delight, she said yes! Although I’ve suspected all these years, she didn’t know what hit her : )

To the mother of my lovely daughter, my wife of 11 years and girlfriend of 21 years:


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Kelly 潘嘉丽 – 印象派的愛情

Has anyone seriously listened to this song? Like, SERIOUSLY?

Try it! With a headset, volume up and eyes closed. Then allow yourself to immerse…

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The unbearable heaviness of worrying

“So how’s the baby?”

I get asked this question a lot. I’ve been a parent for four over months now, and I still don’t know how to properly answer it.

A very lame “ok lor” is my usual non-committal response.

You see, I worry a lot. (Kinder words will be “you think too much”). There’ll be the scratches on little Princess’ head, her surprisingly short naps, the disturbance the phlegm causes, her recent inability to finish up her milk, blah blah blah. And of course there’s the medical condition.

If someone asks me how’s the baby, and I say “Good!”, that’s not entirely true. But if I say “so-so” that’s just undermining the great progress little Princess has made.

I was reminded once again by concerned friends last evening. You have a choice, I’m told. You can hold your breath till you turn blue, or you can loosen up and smell the fresh air (not these exact words but it’s got the gist of it!). I know the theory, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

All said and done, is this first-time parent anxiety? Maybe. Signs of insecurity? Probably. Detrimental to health? ABSOLUTELY!  Quickly snap out of it? Errr, I try lah…

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Cute video

A not so new video to lighten up the day : )

Vodpod videos no longer available.  

This is the making of.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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National Day

Today is National Day, and I just finished watching the NDP.

I used to get goosebumps when watching the NDPs of yore, but not anymore. Singapore has progressed and transformed, but I have yet to adjust.

There are so many policies that I disagree with, chief among them the lack of heartware. But, what if, in order to get the little princess into a good school, I have to join an RC, CCC or do grassroots work? Belief system more important or children’s future more important?

I don’t know… but I do know I still have time to consider other options.

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There are times when we are lazy and just want to say a few quick words instead of blogging. So, we have added a Twitter widget to the blog. It’s at the top-right hand corner.

We are nbabymakesthree in the Twitterverse.

Unfortunately, WordPress’ widget is quite weak – it doesn’t allow for a Twitter badge. Will check the Net to see if there’s a workaround…

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter!

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