Back to Work

Princess can babble and coo now and loves it when you talk to her. She seems to be able to recognise me and always gives me the million dollar smile especially in the morning when she wakes up. If I am lucky, I might even get a chuckle or two. Now that I am starting work, time with her will have to be cut down which is so sad especially now when she is such great fun! Good thing is that I work from home, so I still have visibility over her whenever I want to. However, with cuteness at such close range, keeping my hands off her is quite a feat. Temptation and distraction are great and resistance might sometimes be futile.

Papa was very thoughtful to work from home as well on my first day in case I needed any help. He has been most supportive throughout my pregnancy, after birth and even till now. Worried that I would not be able to adjust back to working schedule, he kept reminding me to tweak Princess’s timing to accommodate my schedule. Surprisingly, Princess seems to know that Mama is starting work and was very co-operative to sleep through the night. This is the first sleep through she has given me since the departure of the confinement lady! Really hope she continues this practice.

Time really flies when you are enjoying yourself. 16 weeks just flew by like that and now it is time to get back to work. Getting the engine going again is not easy, not to mention with the additional distraction. Will need some re-adjustments and some getting used to…

Haiz…goodbye to full-time mummy! *Sob*Sob*


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