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Be humble, no need to compare

Excellent article in today’s ST Forum page. The writer laments our pursuit of excellence at the expense of things like mistake-tolerance, contentment and forgiveness.

He mentioned about competition among companies, students, co-workers. The writer left out one group –  that among friends.

Everyone of us is bound to have a friend or two (hopefully not more) who always wants to squeeze in the last word, have the last say. They are guilty of the Black Cat Syndrome – a syndrome explained to me by a friend in Perth.

“Wow, what a beautiful black cat! But my cat is blacker …”

We may otherwise know it as one-upmanship. You may have just bought an iPhone 16GB, and they show off their iPhone 32GB to you; you may have worked 18 hours straight on a tender, and they would have slogged through 20 uninterrupted hours; if you grumble that you can’t lay your hands on the tickets of a popular concert, they’ll tell you they got theirs complimentary.

You get the idea.

Conversations with these people are dead-ends. I was just confronted with such a conversation the other day. After a while, you just no longer have the motivation to talk about other things. It bugs me no end – are they trying to show off, or they need such ego boosters? I’m not sure, but as a friend, I’m inclined to forgive them.

I think this is an important lesson to share with little princess when she grows up:



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Back to Work

Princess can babble and coo now and loves it when you talk to her. She seems to be able to recognise me and always gives me the million dollar smile especially in the morning when she wakes up. If I am lucky, I might even get a chuckle or two. Now that I am starting work, time with her will have to be cut down which is so sad especially now when she is such great fun! Good thing is that I work from home, so I still have visibility over her whenever I want to. However, with cuteness at such close range, keeping my hands off her is quite a feat. Temptation and distraction are great and resistance might sometimes be futile.

Papa was very thoughtful to work from home as well on my first day in case I needed any help. He has been most supportive throughout my pregnancy, after birth and even till now. Worried that I would not be able to adjust back to working schedule, he kept reminding me to tweak Princess’s timing to accommodate my schedule. Surprisingly, Princess seems to know that Mama is starting work and was very co-operative to sleep through the night. This is the first sleep through she has given me since the departure of the confinement lady! Really hope she continues this practice.

Time really flies when you are enjoying yourself. 16 weeks just flew by like that and now it is time to get back to work. Getting the engine going again is not easy, not to mention with the additional distraction. Will need some re-adjustments and some getting used to…

Haiz…goodbye to full-time mummy! *Sob*Sob*

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New YOG commercial

I just watched the new YOG commercial on TV. It was released yesterday.

I shuddered when watching the twist at the end – what if … how will I … will she ever …

I can’t bear the thought. Call me a weakling, but  I don’t think I want to watch the commercial. Ever again.

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Time flies when you don’t have enough sleep

Every morning after I wake up, the first thing I’ll do is to pop into little princess’ room, just to check that she’s ok. Looking at her, sleeping so peacefully, really makes me grateful for this miracle that has been bestowed upon us.

Some updates on little Chin Ying’s development so far:

  • She is more than 12 weeks of age already, and the PD says she’s growing well
  • She can hold her head quite steadily, and when you sit her on your lap, she can sit quite upright
  • We have moved her from sleeping breadth-wise in the cot to length-wise
  • She is almost double her birth weight and is at least 60cm long (or tall, depending on your perspective)
  • She polishes off one tin of formula milk (900g) every 11, 12 days, and is currently conquering her 8th 9th
  • When you talk to her, that smile and that silent laugh she gives you can melt icebergs

(Gasps) What do you mean, "Orchard Road was flooded"?

We are currently trying to condition her to sleep through the night. If we succeed, no more middle-of-the-night feeds! Stay tuned!

In other news, Papa the Pundit proves potent! Spain wins the World Cup!

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MediSHIELD the double-edged SWORD

Couldn’t resist the pun. Just trying to lighten up a heavy topic.

From 2007, all newborns can be covered under the Medishield scheme, with premium deducted from Papa’s CPF account.

CPF sent me a reminder letter after I ignored the first one for 2 months. I am supposed to declare little princess’ health condition.

I contemplated making a false declaration and report that there are no health issues. Everyone I spoke with advised otherwise.

The downside to honesty would mean that this record will stick to little princess for life. Her future insurance cover will be more expensive than others, and almost certain to include many exclusions.


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The cup runneth over…

… not.

Ever since I compl… err … mentioned in Nov about the housework I had to do when CL was still pregnant, that very same housework has taken on a life of its own.

I’m grateful to my MIL for sharing the load on weekdays, but when it comes to weekends, we’re on our own. That’s when we are faced with the harsh reality of unwashed toilets, un-vacuumed and unmopped floors, a full laundry basket of unwashed clothes, washing poles full of dry laundry, un-ironed clothes, inch-thick dust… blah blah blah. This is over and above baby-specific tasks, like baby’s laundry (delicate wash, please), sterilisation of milk pump and bottles (twice a day) and boiling water (twice a day). Yet again, this is over and above duties like milk feeding, water feeding, burping, bathing, poo-poo cleaning and of course, playing.

So far, CL is taking care of most of the baby-related stuff and seem to be doing well. As for me, I’m drowning in the rest. This past weekend, we went out on both days, and boy, did the work pile up or what!

Reminder to self: Do more with less!

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All things cute and fluffy

Along the theme of this blog, I found this very cute YouTube video. Have a good laugh!

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