Mama’s Post (since Baby’s Delivery)

To Papa! For a great job in keeping our blog updated!

It has been a while since I last done a posting, but with Papa’s constant nagging, I finally found some time today to do it!

Since Princess came along, time seems to fly by with not much time to do my own things or maybe that I am not managing my time well or just plain lazy, haha!

Everyday, it has been either bathtime, playtime, wash bottle time, feed time,  expressing milk time, Princess nap time, poo time or catching up on my own sleep time, don’t really have much time for leisure. Weekends without my Mom’s presence, commands even more attention from me as Papa is still not a complete substitute for her where Princess is concerned. But he is improving and will get there, some day, I hope. So I still look forward to weekends cos we can spend more quality time together as a family.

As for Princess, she is getting more chatty by the day and the latest progress was for me to wake up one morning to find that she has made a 90 degrees turn from her pillow!! Who knows what she will do next time?


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