Weekend of a few firsts


Shockingly bare pram

It was a long time ago that CL and I went for our massage, so last Saturday we finally booked a couple session. Luckily 奶奶 was available to look after the little princess and 姑姑 was available to entertain her, so we had our first baby-sitting drop-off.

As expected, the hour-long massage went by in (what felt like) minutes.

In our quest to lower ‘operating costs’, we did some research and went to a shop that purportedly sold cheaper baby stuff. The formula milk was slightly cheaper, by 8%, but they didn’t have the diapers we are using. The hunt continues!

On Sunday, we brought the little princess out for our first kai kai  for a family lunch. It was also the first time we are using a pram. Needless to say, we kalang kabut – wrong installations, wrong buttons, misbehaving wheels, etc. Lucky 姑姑 was there to right the wrongs : )

In other news, we have increased the little princess’ milk intake to 4 scoops with 120ml of water, and she has been able to turn her head while lying down for the past week. She has also set a new target of being able to flip herself while in her cot.


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