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First Father’s Day

Really got to thank 奶奶 & 姑姑 for sparing their time on weekends to look after Princess so that Mama & Papa can steal some time for ourselves.

We dropped off Princess at 奶奶’s house on June 19th Saturday, then headed down to Chinatown for lunch and also to buy some toiletries. Lunch was suppose to be celebration for Father’s Day (in advance) but we had free tickets for the movie ” Toy Story 3″ at 3.40pm, so due to time constraint, we had to make do with lunch in Chinatown. As per Papa’s request, we settled for 锅贴, fried dumplings and Hot & Sour Soup.

Simple meal but marks a great day! Happy Father’s Day!!


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Mama’s Post (since Baby’s Delivery)

To Papa! For a great job in keeping our blog updated!

It has been a while since I last done a posting, but with Papa’s constant nagging, I finally found some time today to do it!

Since Princess came along, time seems to fly by with not much time to do my own things or maybe that I am not managing my time well or just plain lazy, haha!

Everyday, it has been either bathtime, playtime, wash bottle time, feed time,  expressing milk time, Princess nap time, poo time or catching up on my own sleep time, don’t really have much time for leisure. Weekends without my Mom’s presence, commands even more attention from me as Papa is still not a complete substitute for her where Princess is concerned. But he is improving and will get there, some day, I hope. So I still look forward to weekends cos we can spend more quality time together as a family.

As for Princess, she is getting more chatty by the day and the latest progress was for me to wake up one morning to find that she has made a 90 degrees turn from her pillow!! Who knows what she will do next time?

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Anyone know anyone in Nestle?

Dear Readers,

Do you happen to know anyone that works in Nestle Singapore? I found out that staff enjoys very good discounts off their own products, and good discounts are what I need!

Little girl takes Nestle Nan Pro 1 formula milk, and she polishes off a 900g tin every 10-or-so days.

I think I know where the cheapest retail purchase is, but staff purchase should beat it hands down!

So, if you happen to know someone from Nestle, please do me a HUGE favour and intro to me. I am open to buying 1 or 2 dozens at one go.

Thank you!

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World Cup 2010 – Papa the Pundit

So the World Cup is upon us. Apart from the 4 free-to-air matches on TV, I doubt I’d be catching any other matches.

My guess for the World Cup winner is either:

  • Spain, or
  • Argentina

Let’s tally up in a month’s time!

Image credit here.

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Requested by 姑姑 and 叔叔

Little Princess at around seven weeks

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Weekend of a few firsts


Shockingly bare pram

It was a long time ago that CL and I went for our massage, so last Saturday we finally booked a couple session. Luckily 奶奶 was available to look after the little princess and 姑姑 was available to entertain her, so we had our first baby-sitting drop-off.

As expected, the hour-long massage went by in (what felt like) minutes.

In our quest to lower ‘operating costs’, we did some research and went to a shop that purportedly sold cheaper baby stuff. The formula milk was slightly cheaper, by 8%, but they didn’t have the diapers we are using. The hunt continues!

On Sunday, we brought the little princess out for our first kai kai  for a family lunch. It was also the first time we are using a pram. Needless to say, we kalang kabut – wrong installations, wrong buttons, misbehaving wheels, etc. Lucky 姑姑 was there to right the wrongs : )

In other news, we have increased the little princess’ milk intake to 4 scoops with 120ml of water, and she has been able to turn her head while lying down for the past week. She has also set a new target of being able to flip herself while in her cot.

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Baby Bonus

Last weekend we finally put some money into little Princess’ Child Development Account (CDA). This account is meant for future fee deductions from Approved Institutions, like child care centres and kindergartens. This money can put in, cannot take out.

For the uninitiated, to help with the ever-decreasing birth rate, the Government introduced the Baby Bonus Scheme.

For each of the 1st and 2nd child,

  • we will get $4000 as cash gift, disbursed over 18 months
  • the Government will also do a dollar-for-dollar matching, up to $6000, into the CDA

Not as great as France’s scheme, but how often does the Government give you money, right? Better quickly take, right?

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