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Some photos of little Chin Ying in chronological order.

Photo at right is most recent.


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It’s hard to save the Earth when you have a baby

This month's utility bill

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Sleepy, no matter at home or at work


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It’s amazing the number of things I’m concurrently handling. They spread across official work, unofficial work, social, returning favours, etc.

All these are done with dwindling resources (read: sleep and energy). Meaning, doing more with less.

I don’t know why this multi-tasking is associated with juggling balls. The assumption is flawed: that even if one drops on the floor, it will bounce back.

I say, it is more about juggling eggs. FAILURE. IS. NOT. AN. OPTION.

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Keeping promises

心存海愿 虔诚合掌

神明慈悲 指点迷津

鞠恩赐颖 功德圆满


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Our 1st official Mother’s Day

It’s getting tougher to keep up the posts, but I’ll peservere …

Anyway, it’s been a week since the CL left. MIL stepped up to the plate, coming in the morning and me sending her back after dinner. I must say CL is holding the fort really well, putting in a commendable effort looking after the little girl. We may not have figured out all the different types of crying, or if it’s phlegm that’s causing her discomfort, but we’ll get there. Very soon.

Mum and Dad came over on Sunday for a visit. All thanks to them, CL and I could steal some time away from baby duty and catch some fresh air. (MIL pops in 5 days a week, weekends are ‘off’). We didn’t want to go far, and with most of the restaurants packed to the brim, we settled for … Mos Burger.

That's yummy teriyaki chicken : )

It wasn’t a great meal, the location wasn’t anything to shout about, but the significance of it all made it very meaningful:

We are celebrating our 1st official Mother’s Day!

祝贺普天下的妈妈: 母亲节快乐!

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Another milestone

We held the little princess’ baby shower yesterday, and today is her actual full month.

Yes, it’s been a month.

We spent 3 hectic days preparing for it. While I still have one bar left, I better document the series of events …

It started on Friday, and I took leave to prepare. Had to run many errands – send Princess and Queen for their haircuts, pop by the bank to change big notes for the many bills, confirm the buffet, confirm the baby favours meant for relatives, blah blah blah … The most important task of the day was to clean and tidy up the house. I had to find never-before-known nooks and crannies to stuff unwanted things. The store room was so packed to the brim that when I opened its door, I couldn’t see any floor tiles.

I started my Saturday scooting to Serangoon to collect the favours. But before I could leave the house, the caterer came, asking where the buffet lunch was to be set up. (He came back later before noon with the food). After the collection, I had to make a trip to the supermarket to buy… (make a guess!)… yup, diapers and milk powder!

The buffet lunch was for relatives and close friends, and the first guest arrived around 12.45pm. (My family came much earlier).  After that first guest, many other guests started to stream in, and I began to lose track of time. There were so many hands to shake, so many thanks to say, and so many gifts to receive : )

I only managed to grab a bite around 3+. And so did CL. Only towards the end when the crowd thinned, did I have a chance to sit down and chit chat with the remaining guests. The last guests left around 5pm. My family left around 8+, and it was more housework again – vacuuming and mopping. We hit the sack around 12.30am, which brings us to …

… Sunday. Another trip to collect the remaining favours. Then off to our regular Buddhist temple, to offer prayers, say hi to the folks there, and to let the 住持bless the little girl. After that, it was to our respective parents’ place, to offer prayers to the ancestors. From there, Mum and Dad ferried CL, baby and the CL to run other errands, while I travelled from town to Yishun to deliver the favours.

My 3 days of official duty finally ended just now at 10.30pm, when I handed the last box of favours to my neighbour, who bought something for the little girl.

Many people helped make the event a successful one. Special mention to Uncle R, for his very 贴心gift. I’m especially grateful to my family – 姑丈and 叔叔for helping with the dish trays and running off to buy the styrofoam boxes, 爷爷for performing double duty of back-up photographer and PR rep, 奶奶and姑姑for taking turns to look after the little princess.


Ok, battery flat liao …zzz …

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