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Saw this in Asiaone today. Can’t they think of a different title??


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Advice from the Land of Black Swans

So kind of you, Uncle Kevin!

Thanks for sending the wonderful The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD all the way from Perth : )

If a father of 2 swears by the advice, it’ll be wise of me to heed them – cheers, mate!

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Formal introduction

Ok, we finally registered Little Princess’ birth today. So, let me do the introduction:

World, this is Little Princess – Lim Chin Ying.

Baby, the World!

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Blog’s theme song (姑姑’s version)

Nothing short of a masterpiece : )

Seems like brilliance runs in the family *ahem*


We’ve only just begun to live,
Sore breasts and soiled diapers
A little hiccup, milk is on the way
And yes, IT’S just begun

Before we know, she grows, so fast
So many schools to choose
We start out volunteering to secure a place
And yes, IT’S just begun

Sharing horizons that are new to us
Watching the signs along the way
Talking it over just the three of us
Enrichment classes day to day
Together, together

And when the evening comes we smile
Homework is finally done
We think we can rest BUT still have spelling to learn
And yes, IT’S just begun

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How about a theme song for the blog?

There’s a kind of hush

All over the world tonight

All over the world

You can hear the sound of parental love

You know what I mean

Just the three of us

And nobody else in sight

There’s nobody else and I’m feelin good

Just holding you tight

So listen very carefully

Get closer now and you will see what I mean

It isn’t a dream

The only sound that you will hear

Is when I whisper in your ear I love you

For ever and ever

There’s a kind of hush

All over the world tonight

All over the world

People just like us with support and love

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Another activation!

While busy being a husband and a father, I almost forgot about one other role – soldier. That was until I was irritatingly reminded by a silent mobilisation notification this morning at 10am.

My very first mobilisation.

Luckily the whole process didn’t take very long, and I was out within an hour.

Then, this protector of the nation had to fulfil the role of a father, and went to Kiddy Palace to buy 2 bolsters. In my No. 4 uniform.

And after that, I had to fulfil the role of a doting husband, and went to the Singapore Pools outlet to buy 4D for CL. In my No. 4 uniform. Carrying the Kiddy Palace bag.

Can you imagine?!

And Happy Birthday, 姑姑!


Image credit here.

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The Eagle has landed

Little Princess is finally home.

The PD gave the thumbs-up for discharge yesterday morning, and Papa, Mama and the CL were at the hospital by 11am. Mama and Papa went upstairs to get a debrief from the Missy. Mama even took photos with the 2 Missies that have helped us look after Little Princess.

It was great to see our daughter sleeping so soundly, without the tubes, monitors and photolights.

Thereafter, Papa went to settle the admin stuff while Mama brought Little Princess to the ParentCraft Centre to seek advice on BF. We finally left TMC after 4pm.

Little Princess is getting used to her new environment. It will take a few more days before she’s fully settled in. The new phase of our journey has just begun.

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