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Confinement lady

Early this month I thought it was a good idea to have CL touch base with our confinement lady, Auntie Susan. It’s been a while since we last spoke with her and confirmed her services. (Thank you Auntie J!)

Guess what? We rang her almost everyday, but no one responded! Mind you, it was a Malaysian number some more!

It took us all of almost 2 weeks to have someone pick up the call at the other line. “Oh, I was at a religious retreat,” was her smooth response. CL gently reminded her that she has to remain contactable from now on.

I smell a rat.


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Dear Baby,

Papa is too cheapskate to go for a proper photoshoot. I only managed to take some simple pictures of  Mama.

Thanks to kind hearted Uncle R, Auntie V and Uncle G, who agreed to take some outdoor shots for us, a meaningful weekend was spent at the National Museum early this month.

It was tiring (they made your Papa jump and jump and jump!) and hot (the aircon broke down!) but it was all good fun. Mama just couldn’t stop laughing!

Anyway, these are some of Uncle R’s shots:

Very nice, right? Must say he’s quite talented in this area.

Nex time when you are older, remind Papa to tell you how Uncle G tekan Papa, ok?

By the way, as mentioned earlier, Papa also took some shots of Mama. Want to see? I thought you would!

Taken during Week 36

Not far from Uncle R’s, right? Good things come in small packages (and photo sizes).

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“Beware the Ides of March!”

So famously uttered in Julius Caesar.

Hehe, couldn’t resist doing a post today.

In the play, a soothsayer had warned Caesar to be careful on 15 March. Caesar thought nothing of it, and even taunted the soothsayer when the day came. He, of course, paid with his life for his pride and negligence, but not before muttering “Et tu Brute? Then fall Caesar!”

The moral of the story? Be humble, don’t haolian – when people give advice, take it! Which is what we have been doing – earnestly listening to well-meaning friends and relatives on the whats and whatnots.

I also hope little Princess will enjoy ‘O’ Level Literature like Papa did.

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We like them young …

The story goes that elders and friends of Papa and Mama have told them the immense benefits of young coconuts, not just for me but also Mama.

Young  coconut  juice cannot be consumed too early, as it will be too cooling. Nearing popping time would be the best time to take it.

Wednesday was the first time Papa handled a coconut, other than drinking the juice and scraping the flesh.

Due to the lack of correct equipment and ABSOLUTELY not due to his butter fingers or that he’s inept at handling knives, he didn’t do a very good job. He mis-judged how deep he needed to “saw” and underestimated the pent-up pressure.  

Papa used something like this to "saw" into the fruit

As a result, much of the juice ended up on his shirt and shorts. “Husk chips” were all over the table. There were also some in the juice.

But at least, he did it, right? RIGHT?!

Mama seemed to be quite entertained.

Today, Papa tried again and this time, he did much better. There was lesser mess on the table.

It is also during these coconut episodes that we learnt that in the entire kitchen, there is only one straw.

Image credits here and here.

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Mar 5, 2010

 Educational DVDs don’t help tots

NEW YORK – PUTTING children in front of educational DVDs does not help boost their language skills, according to a US study that focused on one product, the Baby Wordsworth from the Walt Disney Company’s Baby Einstein series.

 While The Baby Einstein Co does not make educational claims, it notes on its webpage that the Baby Wordsworth DVD is a ‘playful introduction to words and sign language’. A study by researchers at the University of California, published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, put the DVD to the test with one and two-year-olds.

 For six weeks, 88 children were randomly assigned to either watching the DVD a few times a week or not at all. Researchers then tested the language skills in each group based on how many words the children knew according to their parents and how well they did in a lab test.

 At the end of the period, toddlers who had watched the DVD fared no better than those who hadn’t.

 Children in both groups understood about 20 of the 30 words highlighted in the DVD, on average, and spoke 10. Their general language development showed no difference, either.

The researchers also asked parents about their childrens’ television viewing before entering the study. The earlier a child started watching Baby Einstein DVDs, it turned out, the smaller his or her vocabulary was. — REUTERS

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While I agree with the hospitalisation plans suggested here, I feel very strongly against some of their notion on how the education funding should be done.

And a full-fledged insurance plan for a child??

Insurance options for Junior

How should parents plan for Junior’s insurance needs?

Tue, Mar 02, 2010
my paper

By Koh Hui Theng

PARENTS who are keen to do their ‘national duty’ by boosting Singapore’s flagging birth rate enjoy a slew of incentives.

But for many first-time mothers and fathers, the desire to plan ahead and ensure a quality life for Junior takes priority over other concerns.

Expectant mother Melissa Lee, 32, is looking forward to her firstborn, who is due next month. The marketing manager has already given him his name, Ethan, but she feels lost when it comes to longer term arrangements.

‘My husband and I have made basic preparations like buying furniture, clothes and nursing equipment.

We even agreed to do cord-blood banking, just in case our baby needs it in the future. But we’re completely clueless where insurance is concerned,’ she said.

Their hospital, Thomson Medical Centre, provides a first-born incentive scheme that offers Ethan free insurance for his first six months.

‘Having some form of insurance is always helpful, even if it’s just a token sum,’ she said, but added that she may consider an add-on.

To help out the Lees, my paper asked Aviva chief executive Simon Newman and Manulife Singapore director for financial services Doris Ng, along with experts from TM Asia Life (Singapore) and NTUC Income, for advice.

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Pre-natal class

Photo taken at the 2nd lesson

We have almost completed our pre-natal classes. It is held once a week over 6 weeks, and next week’s doctor’s talk is the last one.

During the class, we were taught exercises, breathing techniques, different types of births, how to care for both the mummy and baby, and much, much more.

We had most fun during the practical lessons, where we learnt to bathe the baby *ahemitwasahemadollahem*, change the diapers,  feeding and burping.

It helped immensely that our trainer is Mrs Wong Boh Boi. We’ve long heard of her reputation and specifically opted for her classes. I’m not providing any hyperlinks here. Just google her name and you’ll soon find out she’s a who’s who in the parentcraft and lactation world. As I was telling CL, she’s Thomson Medical Centre’s 镇院之宝. She’s really good and knows her stuff.

The course has indeed prepared us heaps. All I’m hoping for is that at the right time, I’ll be able (to remember) to put them to good use.

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