Week 32 Checkup (Detailed Scan)

The day for the detailed scan has arrived!

Papa was late in picking us up due to work commitments, hence we were a bit late for our appointment. I have tried to prep baby a few days earlier to be cooperative today so that we can have a good look at her and the scan can be done smoothly. Fingers crossed that she will be good.

Went to the clinic first to register, did the usual weight, urine & blood test before heading upstairs to the 4th floor the scan. On the 4th floor, we registered and paid for the scan before proceeding to the waiting area to be called. Surprisingly, just shortly after we sat down, a lady called out my name. Papa was told to wait outside first while I was led to the room for the scan.

Jelly was spread on my tummy, my goodness, was it cold!! Then the scan started with the sonographer asking me some questions regarding the last scans which were done. Hence, the issue which we did not want to talk about was raised to her attention. She carried on with the scan but baby got either a bit excited or disturbed that she suddenly moved and jerked about which interrupted the scan. The sonographer exclaimed that she is quite an active baby!  We both tried to calm her down so that we could continue with the scan. Luckily, she was cooperative during the rest of the scan.

After that, Papa was called in to take a look. Told him that the issue which we did not want to talk about was still there but we could only discuss in detail with the gynae later. Baby was still shy about letting us see her as we were still not able to see a full frontal view of her, just a silhouette of her side view. However, she did try to say hello by giving us a wave according to the sonographer. With that, she printed out the report which we took downstairs to meet with our gynae.

From the report, baby’s growth and blood circulation are normal, estimated weight now is about 2kg. Gynae extrapolated her weight till birth could be about 3kg+! Asked about the issue which we did not want to talk about, gynae does not seem to see it as a major concern. So looking on the bright side too, it will not turn out to be a major concern, fingers crossed!

As for me, blood test shows that iron level has dropped tremendously which gynae says makes me quite anemic . So he has no choice but to prescribe iron tablets for me. Hopefully, this does not give me constipation! Other than that, all is well for me! Schedule has been changed to see him fortnightly…


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