Vive la France!

Person A: Me, in SG

Person B: Friend, in France

Medium: Email

Me: Hey, congrats! Heard you are pregnant! So are you coming back to give birth?

Friend: The govt pays 100% for checkup, scans, hospitalisation for me and baby. I have 4mths (maternity leave) + 1 mth (2 weeks breastfeeding leave + 2 weeks pathology leave). I can extend my maternity leave by another year with certain percentage (i think is 50%) of my pay. In addition, there will be a baby bonus of about 1000 euros. Also, I am entitled to 10 sessions of pre-natal classes and 12 sessions of massage (post-natal, to help to regain uterus and shape faster). They are sending a doula to my house to see if I have any concerns or questions next week. My hubby has 11 days paid paternity leave.

So, do you think I should stay and give birth?

Me: Sacrebleu!!

According to CIA’s Total Fertility Rate ranking,

# 132   France       1.98 child per woman

# 221   Singapore  1.09 child per woman

And here, we have people who kau peh kau bu, wondering aloud why our Baby Bonus is not working well…

Image credit here.


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    […] as great as France’s scheme, but how often does the Government give you money, right? Better quickly take, […]

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