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Week 28 checkup


Went for the week 28 checkup last week.

There were A LOT OF people waiting to see the gynae. Even when the nurses for the other gynaes were leaving, we were still waiting! It was finally our turn, 2 kuehs and 1 soyabean milk drink later. 

It was a happy day because our earlier concern about GDM is now out of the window! Both the slight loss in weight and a good urine test did much to calm our nerves.

The only not-so-happy thing was, during the scan, the little princess decided to play hide-and-seek with us. She refused to appear for the “camera”! Aiyah. After all the punching and kicking inside Mama’s tummy, we thought she would want to say hi.

Better luck next month!


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Vive la France!

Person A: Me, in SG

Person B: Friend, in France

Medium: Email

Me: Hey, congrats! Heard you are pregnant! So are you coming back to give birth?

Friend: The govt pays 100% for checkup, scans, hospitalisation for me and baby. I have 4mths (maternity leave) + 1 mth (2 weeks breastfeeding leave + 2 weeks pathology leave). I can extend my maternity leave by another year with certain percentage (i think is 50%) of my pay. In addition, there will be a baby bonus of about 1000 euros. Also, I am entitled to 10 sessions of pre-natal classes and 12 sessions of massage (post-natal, to help to regain uterus and shape faster). They are sending a doula to my house to see if I have any concerns or questions next week. My hubby has 11 days paid paternity leave.

So, do you think I should stay and give birth?

Me: Sacrebleu!!

According to CIA’s Total Fertility Rate ranking,

# 132   France       1.98 child per woman

# 221   Singapore  1.09 child per woman

And here, we have people who kau peh kau bu, wondering aloud why our Baby Bonus is not working well…

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Suck’em good

Dear Baby,

A few days ago your Papa got a call from a telemarketer. She quoted a familiar name, saying that this person recommended that I be shown a demo of a fantastic product.

“What product is that?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a vacuum cleaner,” came the reply.

Thinking that a product demo should be harmless, I agreed to the demo and an appointment was set.


Thanks to Mama (mostly), we are now the proud owner of a fantastic new vacuum cleaner that sucks everything. Including a $1 coin, according to the demo.

Your education fund has since been delayed by 1 year.

Yours sincerely,


P.S.: Apparently Papa’s friend listed Papa as a potential customer because there was a cash referral scheme going on. Incidentally when the kind sales lady left our house, she had in her bag 30 names of Papa and Mama’s friends.   

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