Baby room

One of the to-do things is to prepare the baby room.

In its current manifestation, the baby room is a spare bedroom that thinks it is a store room. As a result, apart from the few pieces of loose furniture, there are also many other things, like a stack of chairs, 2 boards from an old bed, boxes and boxes of Papa’s (doomed) Star Wars collection and other junk.

An auspicious date has yet to be picked to sort out the mess.

The other issue at hand is also the room’s furniture layout. With more barang barang expected to come in, we need to use the space intelligently. It has to provide a cooling location for the cot while providing sufficient moving space.

So, being too paiseh to trouble friends/relatives with powerful 3D rendering software and eager to re-start my long dormant art-and-craft career, I decided to do up a 3D model of the room and its contents.






~ ~ ~ (drum roll) ~ ~ ~







I think this will very likely be the final layout.

Unfortunately, this new layout will not be able to accommodate this:




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    Elysia said,

    Hmm, I don’t know about you, but don’t you think that perhaps the time you spent doing up this fabulous 3D model, would have been better used to say er…..clean out the unnecessary “junk”? 🙂 hehe…

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