We had wanted to maintain a blog to capture our feelings, our emotions and the events leading up to (and maybe even after) the birth of our baby.

We had intended it for “private consumption” only.

But with friends asking after us, sharing with us their well-wishes and wanting to know how the baby is doing, we decided that we should let our friends share in our joy, through this blog.

We will try to post often, but no promises : ) So please check back once in a while. Do feel free to leave comments, share tips and dispense wisdom. So,


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  1. 1

    Jamie Lim said,

    Hello !!!

    Finally your blog is open to public !

    Before I checked my email today, I was wondering in the morning how come you all haven’t let us know the blog yet and voila when I open my email, there it is !

    Hmmm….maybe I am intuitive….hee

    I think that it is great that you are sharing your happiness, joy, excitement with all of us because we are also very very very happy for you both, oops should be you three !

    Can’t wait to cuddle your baby leh, looking forward to her arrival especially cos we are sharing the same birthday month…but let’s hope that birthday month does not dictate a person’s character 🙂 otherwise, the Teochew saying of 越畏越对 will be totally applicable here !

    • 2

      nbabymakes3 said,

      Thank you, thank you!

      Thanks to you and Mum, we are saving heaps on the baby stuff. And also the learning curve is less steep!

      As for having another Arien in the family, based on what I’ve witnessed with the existing 2, I kinda know what to expect … *GULP*

  2. 3

    ZW said,

    I just want to say, I’m really very happy for both of you. This was not an easy journey but as they say, some things (or babies) are really worth the wait =)

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