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Baby room

One of the to-do things is to prepare the baby room.

In its current manifestation, the baby room is a spare bedroom that thinks it is a store room. As a result, apart from the few pieces of loose furniture, there are also many other things, like a stack of chairs, 2 boards from an old bed, boxes and boxes of Papa’s (doomed) Star Wars collection and other junk.

An auspicious date has yet to be picked to sort out the mess.

The other issue at hand is also the room’s furniture layout. With more barang barang expected to come in, we need to use the space intelligently. It has to provide a cooling location for the cot while providing sufficient moving space.

So, being too paiseh to trouble friends/relatives with powerful 3D rendering software and eager to re-start my long dormant art-and-craft career, I decided to do up a 3D model of the room and its contents.






~ ~ ~ (drum roll) ~ ~ ~







I think this will very likely be the final layout.

Unfortunately, this new layout will not be able to accommodate this:




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Merry Christmas!

To our friends and relatives:

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Week 24 Checkup

Went for our regular checkup today and all seems well for baby. Recently, she has been quite active in Mama’s tummy, but during the scan, not much action from her, only saw her stretching her fingers. Shy, maybe??!!

On the other hand, Mama has put on 3kg within 5 weeks! Not sure how I did it but doc said will have to monitor and see if this poses as a cause for worry. Even though I have been having regular & what I think are healthy meals, guess I might have to watch my diet more closely now. Let’s hope all goes well…

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Cord blood banking

Our knowledge of cord blood banking was fleeting at best. However, once we knew about the pregnancy, we made an effort to understand what it was all about, the advantages, the downsides and the different packages on offer. We read up, we attended seminars and we asked friends.

We are sold, with regards to its benefits. With our girl’s condition, the public bank may not take her cord blood. Which means we have to go with private banking.

CordLife or StemCord? If the offerings are similar, then the deal clincher will have to be price …

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 We are just so thankful. 

Friends and relatives have been real generous with their well-wishes, blessings, kind words and tips. Another friend has also been helping us get great discounts on baby products (thank you, Uncle V!).

Just last month, a recently-caught-up long-lost friend invited us to an anniversary dinner. All thanks to her, we had to chance to meet Venerable Ajahn Brahm.  (It was our 2nd time meeting him in person.)

Apart from asking him to oblige us with autographing one of his books, I thickened my skin and asked if he could bless our unborn daughter.

“Yah, sure!” was his immediate reply.

We feel so BLESSED!

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And Counting….

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We had wanted to maintain a blog to capture our feelings, our emotions and the events leading up to (and maybe even after) the birth of our baby.

We had intended it for “private consumption” only.

But with friends asking after us, sharing with us their well-wishes and wanting to know how the baby is doing, we decided that we should let our friends share in our joy, through this blog.

We will try to post often, but no promises : ) So please check back once in a while. Do feel free to leave comments, share tips and dispense wisdom. So,


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