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Pregnancy Test

Baby, imagine my surprise and elation when I saw the result of the pregnancy test!!

My immediate reaction was to rush out of the toilet to show your Papa the “stick” (who was calmly having his breakfast). I even shook his hands and  congratulated him on finally achieving his quest for fatherhood! You can see the look of disbelief and amazement in his eyes!

As the news finally sunk in, hugs of happiness followed! We are finally going to be parents!!

What should we do now??!!


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The inaugural post

 Dear Baby,

Papa and Mama have been trying and hoping that you will join our family of 2.  We are glad (and so are you, we believe!) we persevered, ignored our disappointments, encouraged each other and pressed on.

8 countries, 6 years, 4 Chinese physicians, 3 gynaes, many prayers and even more well-wishes later, we are overjoyed you’ll be heading our way! 

We decided to start a journal to chronicle our wonderful journey of bringing you into our world.

And also something to embarrass you with when you reach your teens : )


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